What Every Young Man Needs to Know to Grow Into A Man After God's Own Heart

Help Your Son Step Into the Role God

Designed for Him.

Give your Son the Gift of Seeing Himself as

God Sees Him So He Can Wear That

Assurance in Every Season of His Life.

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Stop Listening to the World's definition of Manliness

The World Offers Young Men Nothing But Conflicting Concepts of What it is to be a Man...

This impacts the way young men make decisions.

How we make decisions is often based upon how we see ourselves and the purpose we believe we fulfill.

Peer pressure works because we aren’t certain about who we are or what we want. When someone else pushes that a crazy stunt is a good idea - and that it will show how “brave” or “smart” or "bold" we are… If a young man is not sure of who he is and the standard he lives by - he will allow others to make his choices for him.


For young men, the world makes it very hard for them to see themselves as being valuable - now or in the future.


They are told they need to be more of this and less of that... While inside, they are struggling to just figure out who they are in the first place!


To Help Young Men to Stop Listening to the World, They Need to Know How God Sees Them

It all comes back to knowing you are created by God.

He created you to do SOMETHING.


The simple truth is if God intends you to do it - then logically it means that YOU can

God cares about you and finds you valuable to His service. Single, Married, Old, Young - there is work that you can do.

Parents need to help young men to BELIEVE this. To OWN it. 

The frustration has to be kept at bay. The noise that comes from the world. All those people who say men are one way and all those other people who say men SHOULD be another way. 

This is not a moment to stand back and "let them figure it out for themselves"! Give them the knowledge to empower a life-changing awareness of how they fit in the world in which they live.

See God's Plan for You

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Give Your Son the Knowledge that Will Build His Confidence

The question is: How do You Help Your Son to Step into the Role God Designed for Him?

 It took me years to stop listening to the lies Satan had whispered in my ear to keep me from thriving as God intended I should. When, as a mother raising pre-teen and teenage children, I saw their struggle to see themselves as valuable, useful, attractive, etc. 

Satan was already waging a war with them! 

I needed an answer that would make a difference. One that would help them see how wonderful they already were, as well as their potential I needed to find the words to show them the role God designed for them.

I found the answer in the only source I knew that could do all of that: God's Word.

  • Each individual is created to bring glory to God. What difference would it make - to your son (and to you) if he were convinced of that truth?
  • God is aware of you, personally. Would knowing that God cares what your son does and feels make a difference to how he sees himself? 
  • The Bible is full of practical examples. We are not left to figure things out on our own! We have been given a playbook, a road map, a loving letter - written by the One who cares about each of us more than anyone else. Discover over 22 examples who teach how to grow into a "man after God's own heart".

So, What is the answer?
“To Be a Man of God”

To Be a Man of God will show how to find the Confidence to Be the Man God says you can be.

God has gone to great lengths to provide for each of us. He knows us each so well, that He knows the number of hairs on our head. That means He also knows exactly what you need to become a man God can call "friend".

To Be a Man of God pulls together hundreds of verses to help your son to KNOW those things. 

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See what our customers have to say:

"This topic is timely and needed in the culture we currently face."

"To Be A Man of God focuses on the challenges and issues young men face as they develop and grow into the man God describes in The Bible.  The 26 lessons utilize scripture heavily to help guide the student to apply principles taught in the lessons.  The material is written in a format that is understandable and leaves many opportunities for the teacher to spend additional time during each lesson to engage the students in discussion. The Study Builders at the end of each lesson give the students an opportunity to visually see how the scriptures included in each lesson not only tell us what God wants us to do but also show us how they apply.  This topic is timely and needed in the culture we currently face. 

Nevin C.

Husband and Father of two sons

"... it was a good mix of questions, scripture, and commentary."

"I thought it was very good! I thought it was a good mix of questions, scripture, and commentary. I also thought it flowed very well. I liked and thought it was a good idea to have the Study Builders portion at each lesson for students to place/categorize scripture... I would think this material as written would be appropriate for the age 8+. I found it to be an encouraging study... The Song of Solomon portion was very well done and in an appropriate way"

Bo R.

Husband and Father of four sons

"... this material is interactive and challenges its readers to fully engage."

"I've reviewed the material and find it extremely insightful. Unlike many study materials put out these days, this material is interactive and challenges its readers to fully engage.  The flow of the material is a guide for anyone to truly understand their value in God's eyes.  Most importantly, the material is loaded with scripture, appropriately allowing for the Word of God to speak for itself.  As a man, husband, and father of four sons, I would definitely recommend this material..."

Matthew H.

Husband and Father of four sons

"... a good tool for men in general, young, old..."

"... I think this would be a good tool for men in general, young, old or where ever they are in life. One of the most important things you state is that God has the authority to direct our lives, so true. This... would be especially helpful because it is based on what the Bible says in regards to men, not what the world says makes a man. It also includes examples of men in the Bible with both their good and bad attributes. Side note - Song of Solomon: Thanks for the breaking it down and stating that it has to be in harmony with the rest of God’s Word.

Clayton A.

Husband and Father of one son

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Give Your Son the Knowledge that Will Build His Confidence

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There is No Better Time than Now -To Give Hope to the Next Generation

Teaching the next generation how much they are valued and loved by God can be a game-changer.

Imagine your son at age 14 being so sure that God values who he is, right now at age 14. And because He is sure of that, he knows that his friends are not the ones who give him value or purpose. He doesn't have to go along with their schemes to fit in - because he already fits in, with God. 

What difference would that make to you, knowing he had that knowledge in his mind when we went out with his friends? 

Would he think twice before getting into trouble? Would he be less likely to fall for - "you're not cool if you don't"?

By studying topics like Friendship, What Defines a Man, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Serving Others, many men of the Bible PLUS much more a young man is given a strong foundation. The study even helps with dating and marriage with a look at the book of Song of Solomon (modestly studied) from the point of view that it is God's story of True Love versus Sensual Love.

The study establishes, from scripture, how God wants men to be and that He has given them all they need to know to accomplish it.

There is No Downside Here

To Be a Man of God will lay that firm foundation and build confidence. Each of the Bonuses adds a valuable layer of study skills to that foundation. AND the Early Bird Bonus of the Relationships Scripture Writing Mini Kit puts a powerful study program in your hands that will impact the entire family. PLUS - with a 100% Happiness Guarantee to assure you that I believe these things can bring the transformation you have been looking for - there is no way you can lose.

Order Your Copy of "To Be a Man of God" Today

Give Your Son the Knowledge that Will Build His Confidence

"Likewise urge the young men to be sensible; in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified, sound in speech which is beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be put to shame, nothing bad to say about us.”

Titus 2:6-8

P.S.: With a 100% Happiness Guarantee - you have nothing to lose. Order Your Copy of "To Be a Man of God" Today!